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Deliver Your Message with Canada Post and

Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Getting information about your brand, product, organization or special event in the hands of either a mass or targeted audience is still of crucial importance.

PrintFusion has coupled its print and design expertise and experience with Canada Post’s unrivalled mastery of direct mail to create a program that allows you to maximize your marketing dollars.

Addressed vs Unaddressed Direct Mail

Addressed Mail; For organizations with a tailored mailing list. PrintFusion is your direct marketing specialist and with our partnership with Canada Post, we provide all the services required to get your addressed products in the mail, and to your select audience in order to generate real, measurable results.

Unaddressed Mail; Get your message to a large group of addresses in a particular region, or it can be targeted to a particular sector, postal code or even street, thanks to Canada Post’s Precision Targeter.


Want to deliver your message without all the headache? Let Printfusion handle your Direct Mail campaign from start to finish!

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